Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Culture Reflection v2

Tengo un Sentimiento - Alvaro Soler

     This product is similar to other music videos I have seen in English.  The band or singer is on a roof with a small audience performing their song. This product is different from other videos I have seen because it shows another band member, while most that I have seen only show the singer.  People listen to music everyday, this is a music video that people can enjoy when going about their business.  Music is something that is valued in this culture because people dedicate their lives to it.

    One product from my culture that is like this is Jammin on the Rooftops by Max Milner.  The setting is similar with Max and a drummer.  It is also similar because there are only two people in the video.  It is also a music video like Tengo un Sentimiento.  Differences are the time, Tengo un Sentimiento is during the day while Max Milner video is during night time.  Mostly similarities between the two, with one other difference being the language.  Both are good products and envision the culture's music scene.


  1. Me gusta escuchar Max Milner. Te gusta escuchar musica?